Audio Conference

Get the power to reach any corner of the world instantly right from your conference room

Our audio conferencing system is a simple, convenient, easy-to-install and cost-effective arrangement designed to conduct telephonic and web conferences anytime anywhere. Including a wide selection of features, the solution does not require a major set up to integrate into existing telecom infrastructure.

No matter what type of conference or meeting you need to hold, you can count on Aannya’s audio conference solution anytime. The owner receives a permanent conference code that can be used to avail the audio conferencing services to hold conferences, lectures, product introductions, employee training, sales presentations and partner meetings anytime anywhere without any prior reservations.

Our automated audio conferencing system is the ultimate solution for all day-to-day and special conference calls. Its main features are:

  • Conference recording
  • Mute/un-mute group/participant
  • Conference lock
  • Private roll call
  • Lecture mode
  • Call recording, playback
  • Customizable message greetings and hold music
  • Dial out conferencing
  • Multiple conversation modes
  • Separate access codes for chairperson and participants
  • Limited access for highly confidential meetings
  • Operator assisted audio conferencing on demand

Benefits of Aannya’s Audio Conferencing Solution

  • Allows you to start conference calls with people all over the world
  • Enables you to conduct meetings, lectures, trainings and presentations securely
  • Assimilates audio calls with web conferencing to make the session more interactive
  • Quick start feature allows you to start the conference immediately
  • Conference lock feature prevents the admission of new participants without permission
  • Allows the chairperson to check the attendance of the participants
  • Requires no major set up to get functional
  • Reduces the cost of communication

With our audio conferencing solution, you can turn your conference room into a global meeting room without any major set up and changes in your existing telecom infrastructure. We can also customize our standard product to meet your specific requirements and load it with more features.

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