Society Management Systems

(Save on Time, Money, Paper and Human Efforts)

Make Your Society a Better and Safer Place to Live with Aannya’s Society Management Software System

  • Connect the residents or members of a society through easy software application
  • Make use of technology to ensure safety and security of residents
  • Know about all latest developments through a simple software application
  • Offer assistance, file complaints, circulate notices online

Now connect easily with the residents or members of your society right from the comfort of your home. Aannya's society management software solution allows you to

  • Keep a track of latest developments
  • Ensure safety
  • Shape a better and safe tomorrow through combined efforts
  • Distribute information among residents quickly and on time

With proven capabilities in developing custom software applications, we make sure to fulfill all your specific requirements and deliver a custom solution within least possible time at minimal cost. The system can be used by anyone associated with the society.

What all you can do with Aannya’s Society Management Software?

Keep a tab on latest technology developments and deploy more advanced tools and solutions to remain competitive in the industry. Realize your short and long term technology plans with us. We help you transform consumer demands into a profitable business. Our strategy consulting services include:

  • Include details of each and every member of the society
  • Family details such as no. of family members, flat no., vehicle’s details, blood group
  • About employees- electricians, gardeners, security, sweepers, laundry, etc)
  • Committees in society
  • Circulation of latest information, resolution, festive activities, etc
  • Complaint filing
  • Voting to make a combined decision
  • Maintaining accounts for garden maintenance, cleaning, society assets and expenses, fire insurance
  • Database including phone numbers and email ids of members, society consultants and chairman
  • No of units- flats, stores, gardens, shops, etc
  • Monthly contributions from residents
  • Maintaining a list of visitors

Benefits of Society Management Software

  • Easy to work on; anyone with basic knowledge of computers can work on it
  • Eliminates paperwork; automates all records
  • No need to maintain stacks of files and registers
  • One click access to desired details
  • Saves a lot of time, human effort and space
  • Low initial and maintenance costs

We can also customize the functionality and features of society management software depending upon your specific requirements.

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