Asterisk Support

Aannya provides technical expertise and resources needed to design, set up, integrate, install, troubleshoot and maintain asterisk-based telephony solutions. We serve diverse organizations of different sizes operating across various industry verticals ensuring complete support right from beginning till the end.

We strive to deliver excellent asterisk services to empower your organization to be more efficient, pioneering, sophisticated and more responsive. Our flexible Asterisk support solutions and services help you achieve dexterity in ever evolving technology age. We offer simplified, convenient and cost effective solutions and services ensuring that you have a running Asterisk-system no matter what.


  • Asterisk Consulting
  • Asterisk Application
  • Asterisk Customization
  • Asterisk Installation & Deployment
  • Asterisk Troubleshooting
  • Asterisk Maintenance & Support

Our Asterisk Services Include

Asterisk Consulting

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge and technical expertise, we offer unbiased and genuine consultation, advices and suggestions when it comes to selecting or deploying Asterisk-based telephony solutions. We not only deliver superior products but also offer complete assistance and emergency support without compromising on quality.

We try to analyze your short and long term business goals and suggest a solution based on that analysis. With substantial experience and vast knowledge in designing, developing, installing and deploying Asterisk based solutions; we deliver services meeting your budget and requirements.

Asterisk Development and Customization

Aannya specializes in developing customized Asterisk applications addressing all specific needs of businesses regardless of their size and nature. Along with the standard products, we also develop add-ons to extend the functionality of your telephony system. Our Asterisk products are known for reliability, flexibility, scalability, ease-of-use, functionality and affordability.

Asterisk Installation and Deployment

We offer tools, assistance and resources to install and deploy your Asterisk-based solutions. Our highly experienced Asterisk professionals are quick in configuring the system and integrate it with your existing IT infrastructure. They work with your team to provide them with the expertise needed to bring your system into effect.

If required, we can also provide training to your team to deploy the new system and work on it more effectively. Our team of Asterisk experts assists you in smooth transition to the new and more advanced technology.

Asterisk Troubleshooting

We offer both routine and emergency Asterisk troubleshooting services as and when required. No matter whether the problem persists in basic designing, scripting, processing ability, usability, end user’s ability, server or any part of your telephony solution, we are always ready to help.

The response time although depends upon the nature of the problem but we try to address it as soon as possible. We dedicate a team of experts if the problem is complex and has significant impact on your day-to-day business operations in order to resolve it in shortest time possible.

Asterisk Maintenance and Support

Regular administration and maintenance of Asterisk based application is important for smooth functioning of the organization. Our Asterisk maintenance services include ensuring high performance of the system, monitoring channel usage, ensuring security by keeping an eye on potential risks, reducing unwanted apps and processor usage and keeping the telephony system in good health.

Aannya is dedicated to offer you complete assistance for Asterisk based applications and systems at affordable prices. Should you require any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

We can also customize the functionality and features of society management software depending upon your specific requirements.

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