Business Communication Suite

Communicate Instantly Anytime Anywhere

Optimize communications, interact anywhere and reduce costs with Aannya’s Business Communication Solutions

With AANNYA Softwares Pvt Ltd’s Business communication solutions (BCS), you can now push your boundaries and control your communication processes in different locations from one place. Not only this, you can interact more easily, access information quickly and simplify yet enhance your business processes at much reduced costs.

With increased mobile force in current scenario, it becomes really difficult as well as expensive to keep in contact with the employees and share information on regular basis. But not any longer! Our Business communication solutions increase their operational efficiency while reducing business operations and communication costs.

Combining the mobility along with web-based applications, our BCS offers a superior quality experience to your entire workforce by enabling them to share information and communication from anywhere regardless of their location of operations. The best part is that there is no need to install soft phones to communication with each other. It’s a complete inbound and outbound solution that supports web chat, web call back, email, text to speech, audio conferencing and call classification.


BCS Main Features

  • One number service : Makes use of just one number for all phone lines and personalize settings according to your preferences
  • Real time communication : It is capable of managing real time interactions allowing users to exchange information from connected PC, mobile device or desktop phone
  • Dial by Name : Offers you the convenience of dialing by name. No need to remember any mobile/phone number
  • Intelligence : Enables users to make use of the most suitable device for communication
  • Conferencing : Easy three-party call conferencing
  • Support for Multiple Campaigns : Supports marketing, promotional, sales and customer service campaigns simultaneously

BCS Benefits

  • Quick communication at low costs
  • Easy integration of various business processes including telemarketing, customer support, employee interaction, promotional campaigns and supply chain management
  • Data unification: collection, storage and management of data. Live monitoring of an interaction can also be done
  • Enhanced credibility: improved relationships with clients as employees at different locations can provide them local support as well as connect with the office staff
  • Web based and computer supported telephony reduces the cost of communication

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