Call Management Suite

AANNYA Softwares Pvt Ltd brings adaptable technology solutions fulfilling all your specific requirements in real time. With years of experience and technical expertise, we have designed comprehensive communication solutions helping you offer exceptional experience to your customers at unbeatable prices.

Make communication a driving force in your business operations by providing advanced and interactive facilities to your customers to contact you. Our Call Management Suite is a full-featured and scalable product that is capable of simplifying interactions between your customers and Call Management agents. These are simple and easy to upgrade to meet your evolving needs.

Helping you attend customer calls swiftly, our contact center solutions are of high assistance in improving your service quality while ensuring the highest customer satisfaction. Not only Call Management Suite can make use of these solutions but even other service-driven organizations such as hospitals, banking institutions, law firms and financial institutions can also utilize them to deliver a flawless service to their clients at quite low prices.

Key Constituents

  • Manual, preview, predictive and progressive dialing
  • Simplified monitoring
  • Real time supervision and reporting
  • Quick call distribution among agents/Matrix based call routing
  • Call conferencing, recording and monitoring


  • Multiple dialing methods
  • PC/computer based telephony
  • Quick notifications- missed calls, emergency calls & abandoned calls
  • Easy processing and monitoring of call traffic
  • Management of both inbound and outbound calls from a single point

AANNYA Softwares Pvt Ltd delivers managed as well as hosting solutions with manual, multimedia and more advanced facilities. No matter whether you’re a domestic or an international Call Management Suite or a service organization, our communication solutions are capable of meeting your current needs regardless of the size of your organization. We specialize in putting together all required elements of advanced technology to deliver you a solution tailored to your needs.


  • Improved customer service
  • Simplified interactions
  • Compatibility with upgrades and migrations in future
  • Quick services/responses/technical to customers
  • Low installation as well as maintenance cost
  • Reduction in communication cost in long term
  • Improved agent efficiency
  • Easy management of sales campaign and promotions

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