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We believe that people are the key to a bright future. We are committed to provide our people with challenging responsibilities along with learning opportunities, and reward their performance.

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-To reach the highest standards. -To reward accountability and personal results. -To create a professional environment, where team working and knowledge sharing are part of everyday activity.

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-By contributing to our future growth, you can build for yourself a highly successful career with us. -You will be offered international career development & training opportunities.

AANNYA ensures a healthy work environment with enormous enthuse and motivated co-operation. You would enjoy learning the aannya vision, principles and our values. So…. Simply speaking, we want to prepare our future leaders We are building on people and rewarding for performance. If you feel inspired to join please direct all correspondence to:

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Aannya provides you with custom- built software applications when regular solutions just don’t fulfill your needs or are not flexible enough for your constantly evolving business. Our custom software solutions are dedicated to help you enhance the efficiency of your organization while reducing the cost of operations.

Challenges Business Face

  • To run the business cost effectively
  • Minimize disruption/interruption in business processes
  • Setting up a mechanism to provide spot services to customers
  • Achieving IT maturity/operational excellence to build credibility
  • Attaining better control on business processes and functions
  • Attain excellent business-IT collaboration for smooth functioning

How Aannya Helps ?

  • Custom builds software solutions fulfilling all your specific needs
  • Designs scalable and reliable architectures supporting even complex process at a much reduced cost
  • Successfully delivers applications within stipulated time span that address the functional gaps
  • Delivers flexible applications that can be easily integrated in your existing IT setup and can be easily upgraded in future as per your evolving needs

Deploying our software applications, you can achieve strategic control on your business processes while bringing a stability and maturity in your IT setup. Our stringent application development life cycle, technical expertise and vast industry experience ensure that our customers get excellent solutions within their budget

We focus on bringing the best-in-class applications to help you gain better visibility, transparency and accountability not only on your business processes but also on IT budget.

How We Do It?

Our custom software development process generally includes following steps:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your business needs
  • One-to-one discussion with the client to gain an understanding of their short and long term business goals
  • Conception of initial design
  • Submission of blueprint along with cost and time estimates
  • On acceptance begins the application development life cycle under strict supervision of experts
  • Testing and validation is done to deliver error-free solution to the clients
  • Implementation assistance
  • Post implementation training support and material
  • 24/7 technical support and application maintenance services

What We Offer ?

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Application
  • Support Suite
  • Automation Systems
  • Billing Engine
  • Any other application tailored to your needs