Deccan Gladiators

Deccan Gladiators previously known as ‘The Sindhis” is a franchise team of the reinvented Abu Dhabi T10 League. The Deccan Gladiators is registered with the T10 Sports Management. The team imbibes with its true value of sportsmanship and valor, fighting every battle like it’s the last one in the stadium. The team’s value is determined with its integrity and its virtue of playing the game concordant and truthfulness of the gamesmanship, so as to win every game they play; with righteousness and the honor.

The warrior in the cricketing arenas, Deccan Gladiators is a strong and tenacious team packed with young players, aspiring to leave their footprints in the cricketing coliseum. We are proud to be associated with the Abu Dhabi T10 League Dubai, staging their stadiums on fire with our stupendous and fantastic performances.

Deccan Gladiators stand for resilience, commitment, intensity and never losing attitude. The team strives to create their cricketing legacy adorned with the alliance of top players from different countries, working in accordance to create massive histories, remembered for time and long.They as a team hold the skills and confidence to step up in crucial junctures and recreate records and statistics anonymous to the realm of cricket.