Privacy Policy

It is the right of a product of AANNYA Softwares, to amend or modify this privacy policy at any time without giving any advance notice for any reason whatsoever in accordance with its discretion or in compliance with amendments in government legislations. Users are encouraged to visit this page from time to time to check for any updates in the privacy policy.  

Information presented

AANNYA Softwares does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on this website at any time, though all reasonable efforts will be made to update or correct the said information. AANNYA Softwares does not assume any responsibility for any inconvenience or financial loss or any other damage arising out of any misinformation or the use of this website. All content on this website is supplied upon the stipulation that the receiver of the information will use their own judgment to determine the suitability of the information before using it to form any opinion or make any kind of decision. Any use of this website or the information available herein is at the sole risk of the user.

AANNYA Softwares exempts itself from all liability to the greatest extent possible by law, including contract, tort (liability for negligence) and any other law pertaining to the exactness, appropriateness, quality or comprehensiveness of any information and the value and reliability of goods and services offered on this website.

Liability restriction

Neither AANNYA Softwares and its affiliates nor their employees, agents or officers shall be liable for any loss, damage or expense arising out of any use of the information presented on this website.AANNYA Softwares assumes no responsibility or liability for any costs or loss of income that may arise to the user from their usage of or the inability thereof to use or access our facilities at any time.AANNYA Softwares shall not be held responsible or liable neither for failure, withdrawal or suspension of its services nor for any inadvertent data breach or loss of confidential information.

World Wide Web 

The website and its content are accessed via the World Wide Web Internet services which are independent of the control of AANNYA Softwares. The user shall assume full responsibility for their use of the World Wide Web and all applicable national and international laws as well as rules and regulations. AANNYA Softwares is not responsible for any information or service you choose to take on the World Wide Web.


Users may find this website linked to other websites on the World Wide Web. These websites are not under the control of or maintained by AANNYA Softwares, and as such, the websites, their content and the links

displayed on them do not indicate any endorsement on our part. The sole purpose of providing these links is to help the user quickly and easily find relevant and pertinent websites, services or products. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of the products or services displayed on these websites. AANNYA Softwares will not be held responsible for any transactional errors, misrepresentations or deceit undergoing on those sites.

Secure access 

The password-protected areas of AANNYA Softwares can only be accessed by users who are in possession of login passwords. While the user identity will be reserved by AANNYA Softwares, the login password shall be defined by the user. This password will be encrypted by AANNYA Softwares and stored on our server. Since the password is a highly confidential authentication tool, it is recommended that users should change the password periodically.

Personal information

AANNYA Softwares may seek personal information, views or comments from its users for marketing campaigns and feedback from time to time. The aim is to enhance our services according to the users’ needs and requirements, and hence, only that information which would help to achieve this goal is collected. To ensure the privacy of its users, AANNYA Softwares will refrain from sharing this information with any third party. However, we may need to share this information with government bodies or regulatory authorities in conformity with legal procedures and processes or for security reasons. We may also share this information with our professional consultants, such as chartered accountants, lawyers, and auditors, or representatives authorized by you.

Financial transactions

AANNYA Softwares shall not be responsible for any damage or loss arising out of any financial transactions on this website. Any fraudulent use of credit card or misuse of net banking services is the responsibility of the user. In the case of a failed transaction or any other need for reversal of money paid online, the process will follow the terms and conditions stipulated by the payment gateway. AANNYA Softwares cannot and will not take any responsibility for the length of such a process.


AANNYA Softwares may at any time and for any reason shut down or alter all or a part of any of the services offered on this website at its sole discretion without prior notice. AANNYA Softwares reserves the sole right to make any changes to this website, the services offered herewith and the privacy policy. Your continued use of this website denotes your acceptance and agreement to this privacy policy and the terms and conditions of this contract.