Rudra Education and Sports Trust (REST) is a generous organization that is finding the best solutions to help children learn and thrive in an educative and growing atmosphere. We are dedicated in educating children for a better tomorrow in the country. Their Mission Education is committed to providing basic education to underprivileged children. REST Foundation believes that whether you are addressing poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights, the only way to start talking about these subjects is by walking through the corridors of education.

‘From Gully to Glory’ is a platform for students who need are talented but lack resources to showcase their talent and develop a better future for them. REST indulges in providing the necessary education required by them in turn covering the culture and traditions of the country. Their vision is to provide a new face to education with our resources and materials, in turn aiding inscribing a better fate for the country tomorrow.

Save Sanskrit, Save Culture

Without the study of Sanskrit one cannot become a true Indian and a truly learned man. With this quote of Mahatma Gandhi, their main emphasis is on the saving of the world’s oldest language, Sanskrit and to educate people about the importance of this language. The role of Sanskrit in modern India should be when a person can feel pride in the past, history, and literature of the country.

Promote sports

We at REST believe in providing an all-round development to all our students and so we indulge in making our students practice fitness every day. We ensure that all our students take part in sports and make them fit and healthy citizens for tomorrow.

Make students civilized

Education is the only way to learn the basic social behavior that is required to live in a society. This is why we encourage better and modern learning for the students.