VoIP H/W & Telephony Cards

Affordable, single and multi port telephony cards for superior audio quality and optimum voice support

Aannya offers a full range of superior quality digital and analogue telephony cards to connect your communication system (VoIP Gateway, IVR, IP PBX) to public telephone network. The cards offered by us support one, two, four and eight ports providing excellent functionality to your system. The best part is that most of the telephony cards are upgradeable as and when new functionality or hardware or software improvements are available

Features of Telephony Cards

  • Multiple calls can be handled over a single T1, E1 or J1 line
  • Equipped with world class DSP hardware
  • Acoustic echo control
  • Enhanced voice quality
  • Music protection
  • Adaptive noise reduction
  • Support for all versions of Windows and Linux operating systems

Advanced cards include a broad range of features and have superior technical specifications. Their features include:

  • Capability to expand from two to twenty-four ports
  • Support for Yate, Free SWITCH, Asterisk and other open source and proprietary applications including IVR, VoIP, PBX, Switch
  • Full compatibility with all available motherboards
  • Perfect synchronization with digital T1/E1 cards and PSTN atomic clock
  • Error-free fax and modem pass through
  • Superior voice quality

Aannya offers complete manufacturer warranty and support for all models and ranges of telephony cards. Please feel free to contact us to know more about our products. We shall get back to you in shortest time possible.