Predictive Dialer : Connect More, Connect Better

Automated Dialer that Eliminates Manual Intervention

What is a Predictive Dialer?

Automated and time-saving systems are the need of the hour. Anything which increases the efficiency of a human resource, rises its productivity directly or indirectly. The efficient and automation are the key deliverables of a dialer system. A dialer ensures that the productivity of an agent increases by attending more live call. These automated and predictive systems help in processing numbers from an exhaustive contact list. This is done by eliminating the SIT tones, busy tone and answering machines by the system.

Also, the agents are not required to input the numbers manually; this saves their time from errors that are common for a human being to make. The USP of this product is the custom dialing algorithm, which keeps in account the availability of the agent.

Dialers are hence proactive outbound solutions, which ensures fuller utilization of resources for call centers who bank on their calling capacity.

How it Works?

Call Count Maximization

This functionality of the dialer allows the setting of maximum calls which an agent can make.

Maximum of the Pacing Count

The calling algorithm is implemented in a way to reduce call drop ratio. This helps in predicting the maximum calls done by per agent.

Call Drop Ratio

The call drop ratio is minimized by the dialers helping with a fuller utilization of an agents resources. This is done by considering the availability of the agents.

Agent Switch Time

Dialers help in setting a time between finishing an ongoing call and starting a new call. This helps in estimation of the time taken by the agent to complete a call.

Variance Factor

This parameter shows the dialer, by how much time it can change from other pre-defined parameters, especially in max pacing ratio.

Answering Machine Detection

AMD is based on a proprietary technology that relies on voice frequency and probability helping in the detection of the answering machine. The dialer only transfers those calls to the agent that are responded to by humans.


Intelligent Call Assignment and Assessment

Dialers help in saving the time of an agent and increasing the number of calls done per agent.

Effective Reporting

The predictive dialer segregates the numbers into different categories- busy, unanswered, etc. The agents and supervisors don’t have to manually keep the record such information which makes the data accurate and free from errors.

Blended Campaigns

Predictive dialer facilitates mixed campaigns, allowing the supervisor to run outbound and inbound campaigns together.

Agent's Productivity Wavelength

The dialer awards every agent equal opportunity to do the best at their job and help them achieve the specific target by saving their time.

Professional Environment

A predictive dialer promotes a professional environment in the call center as all call assignments; routings are automated. This helps in creating a competitive environment.

Resource Optimization

Call centers do not need expensive PBX set-up or supervisor to maintain and check records manually; this process is automated by the dialers which help in saving the data from errors and bias.

A Predictive Dialer that Assures 99% Up-time